Okay ladies we all love to switch up our hair (which is always a plus in my book.) But here are a few steps for you as clients to give us stylists a helping hand along the way. -Rhiana


Step One:

Start using deep conditioners. This will help your hair get much healthier and be able to with stand lightener without it getting damaged. A great example would be our Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment. Adds keratin back in the hair, which can be lost by over exposure to the sun and over coloring.


Step Two:

If you have previous box dye, purchasing Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Three is a great idea. It is a deep clarifying shampoo which will start to strip the previous hair color out. Therefore making it easier on us stylist when you want to come in and switch it up!



Step Three:

Always use a thermal protectant. Paul Mitchell’s Hot off the Press or Heat Seal are great options. This will keep the ends of your hair looking alive and fabulous.  Having healthy ends is always a plus. Using these products will aid in the color application by allowing the color to take easily on yours ends and provide more constant all over tone.